Historic window restoration

Restore don't replace


The windows in the Homan House are part of the integral beauty of the historic building, they are 180 years old, once properly restored they will last another 180 years

Classic joinery, superior wood


The older windows are usually white pine, old growth, and morticed and tenoned together; then pegged. Modern inserts are made of sugar pine and finger jointed, and have a life of 15 years

Proper restoration


The casements, have the glass removed, and are taken down to bare wood, repairs are done, sanded, and then 2 coats of oil primer, 2 coats of oil finish. the glass is put back and reglazed. ready for another 150 years

Window Frames


Window frames are treated in the same manner, repaired; sills sealed with marine epoxy; painted as described; moldings replicated or restored

Brass weather stripping


Brass weather stripping can tighten up old windows, eliminating draft, improving function, and adding real aesthetic appeal

About Us


Historic Preservation

We have worked for County; State; Town; and private Historic societies preserving historic buildings throughout Long Island, preserving the record of fine tradesmen, and architects for future generations to admire


Contracting for Historic Homes

Throughout the Bellport and Brookhaven area, Many homes have been transformed partially and fully, by a whole new traditional design, or simply a Historic Portico; copper work; wood roofs; decorative shingles, or just the proper restoration of the existing elements to bring back the former glory.



 I have served on the board of the Friends of Connetquot for 8 years, and oversaw the Preservation of the Historic Nicoll's Mill and participated in the grant process necessary to fund the project. 

Past Projects


46 Bellport Ln

I oversaw and executed the preservation of a historic Bellport House, which immediately went to market. All the original windows; doors; woodwork and floors were restored. It is about 3/4 original i am proud to say. 

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The Nathanial Rodgers House

Working for the Town of Southmpton, we restored all the existing windows, replicated 2 that were missing. All the Doors and elaborate wood work was taken down to bare wood and restored to its former glory


The Homan House

Currently we are in the process of restoring the Homan House in Yaphank. 28 windows have been restored, 2 are being fabricated, all the woodwork and doors have been taken down to bare wood; repaired and painted with semi-gloss oil. Six doors are missing, and will be reproduced to match original. The existing floors will be restored, and where they are missing, the new flooring will be installed and finished to match original. Lastly 9 shutters still exist, we have restored them, and are reproducing the remaining 23.



Historic Preservation services

Historic Window Restoration

   Rebuilding; restoring; casements, and frames

   Lead Paint Remediation

   Fitting brass interlocking weatherstripping to eliminate storm windows

   Refurbishing of all hardware, chains wheels, weights ect

   Reproduction of historic windows for new additions, or repair of poor alterations.

Historic Porticos; Entryways; mantels or any detail designed, and fabricated and installed

Antique Restoration

   For 33 years I have been restoring furniture, throughout Long Island. Initially apprenticed in the shop of George A Schulte, in East Hampton; then running Spring Close Antique Restoration, after George's Death, and then my own business in Southampton, and currently Brookhaven Hamlet . I have maintained collections for the Big East End estates, and am well versed in all styes, and periods. I am currently a member of the Appraisers Association of American . 

  We work on site or in the shop , refurbishing and restoring finishes, and furniture, also we reproduce when commissioned, and build and design furniture.



We have run jobs big and small, our specialty are historic buildings, bringing them back to their former glory.

Shop rate

The shop rate is $95.00 an hour 

fully licensed and insured

Client List

Quelle Farm, East Hampton

Peter Marino

James Buffett

Yaphank Historic Society

St Annes Episcopal, Sayville

Bellport Historic Society

Southampton Historic Society

Suffolk County

Landmark on Main, Port Washington

Evergreen Cemetery, Brooklyn

LIMM (Long Island Msritime Museum)